Tuesday, 20 June 2017

How to Make a Pinata

For writing in Room 9 we learnt how to do procedural writing. When we were getting ideas from the book I was going to write about how to make a pinata. If you want to see my procedural just press on my procedural and press the link. Also there is a warning to people who want to make it. When I was writing it I really wanted to make a pinata. Have fun to the people who are making it.

How to make a pinata                   WARNING:
Equipment:                                                         Don't let Musika,               
lollies or chocolate                                           Jacob, Nurul and
Balloons                                                             Deigo make it for
Paint                                                                   you.
  1. First you need to blow up your balloon and when you finished
        blowing up your balloon put some glitter and galaxy confetti.
        Now tie it off.
   2.When you have tied it off shake, shake, shake your balloon so   
       that the confetti and the glitter spread around.

    3. Now stick paper around your balloon so you can paint it
       properly. Let the paint dry on your balloon and it will be
       time to decorate.

    4.Finally now that it is dry you can put stars and galaxy things
       if you want a galaxy pinata or confetti and glitter if you want
       a colourful one.

    5. Tie some string to the top and you are done.
    You can now enjoy your pinata.