Thursday, 21 June 2018

Pretty Chubby Panda's Presentation

This report is about Pretty Chubby Panda's. Each paragraph is about it's life, skills how to survive and many other things. When you read this Panda report you might find out a lot about Turtle's. The reason why I picked this animal is because it is my favourite animal and it is super cute!

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Past and Present

This poster of Past and Present Maori land was created by Madisyn and I. I was supposed to post this on Friday but I was away. We created this poster in buddies like everyone else in our class. Our teacher Miss Misela told us that we were not allowed pictures with people in it. If you were to live in one of these worlds which one would it be? 
Would it be the Past or the Present?

The Bad Race

Morral: Never Cheat!!!
One morning Tiger Faye and Cheetah Madisyn were
having the most biggest argument about who is the
fastest mammal. They would have races to see
who’s the fastest but they always come a tie!
Then one morning they were getting ready for
a race that determines who’s the fastest!

Initiating Event:
Tiger Faye was so outraged of coming a tie
all the time so she makes a little plan that
will make her champion. First she will add traps
for Cheetah Madisyn to fall for! The first trap is the
paint in the bucket that will fall on Cheetah
Madisyn’s head. The second trap is the rope
on the ground that will make Cheetah Madisyn
fall and break her ankle. The last trap is the net
that Cheetah Madisyn will fall in and will be trapped!

The next day was the day to determine who’s
the fastest. Cheetah Madisyn was finishing all her
stretch’s while Tiger Faye just finished putting
up her traps for Cheetah Madisyn to fall in! Then
their names were agnomened over the
speaker “Cheetah Madisyn and Tiger Faye
up to the line to start the race. 3.. 2.. 1.. GO, and off
went Cheetah Madisyn and Tiger Faye. As Tiger Faye
ran Cheetah Madisyn gets her head all covered with blue
paint. “Oh man, but there goes Tiger Faye in the lead!”.
As Cheetah Madisyn tripped on the second trap she broke her ankle and wasn’t able to finish the race.

When Cheetah Madisyn was about to be put on the
stretcher she saw Tiger Faye sneaking off to look
at her traps she did, suddenly Cheetah Madisyn
shouted out to the A.P.P. (Animal Patrol Police)
“Police Tiger Faye setted up all the traps!”.
As soon as they saw Tiger Faye they chased her
until they caught her. When they caught her they
made her say sorry to Cheetah Madisyn, Cheetah
forgave her but Tiger Faye had to jail for 5 years.


From that day forward Tiger Faye was known
as the Trap Animal and Cheetah Madisyn was
known as the fastest animal in the JUNGLE!

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

The Last Game

"I didn't know that this would happen" I said.

9 hours previously

I invited Morgan to come play video games with me on Saturday. We had picked out the newest arrivals of games at JB - HIFI. 1 game we chose was called the The Last Knight, another we also chose was called Battlefield 4, there were so much! We were so excited to play the games. While I waited for Morgan to come I was assembling all the snacks and refreshments we would eat and drink while we were playing. 10 minutes later Morgan arrived at our house with the most deafening knock on the door and shouting "Come On Open The Door!". So I went and opened it. Morgan then said "Are you excited to play Battlefield 4 and the rest of the games?, I replied by saying "Of Course I Am. 

A few minutes later we started playing the games that we bought and man the were AWESOME!!! Then the last game we played was called WATCH OUT! Morgan and I were surprised by the title of the game but we thought it was going to be exciting! As we were putting the disc of the game into the game console we realised something odd. The game had scratches all over the game disc, and it also said WARNING DO NOT PLAY, I was kinda afraid when I read that. As we played the game we fell asleep. When we woke up we realised that we didn't fall asleep, we got transferred from the human world into the game world. Morgan then tried shouting and screaming to get our parents attention but it didn't work.

Later we heard voices saying "Finish the tasks". Morgan and I did not understand what Finish the tasks meant but we tried to figure it out. Soon we found this obstacle course that we thought was one of the tasks that we had to complete. The obstacle course looked really challenging, it had chainsaws to run through, tables you have to jump across, it was really hard to get through. Once Morgan and I finished the obstacles we heard another voice saying " You have 2 more tasks to do". Morgan and I were so happy because we were thinking that if we finish all our tasks we might get to go back home!

As we were looking for the next task, Morgan found a shell. The shell had the most appealing patterns we have ever seen. I then blew the shell and Morgan and I fell and slept. When Morgan and I awoke we realised we were back home in the human world. We were so happy to back home. As we saw our parents we RUSHED into their arms and hugged them. Next time we see that game we won't play it!

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

What Maoris Were Then and Now!

Hip Hop With Jess!

Today we did Kiwi Sport, the kind of sport we did was Hip Hop dance. Our mentor/coach was Jess, she was awesome at showing us the moves! My favourite part about the whole dance was the last bit which was the Shoot/Hype.

If I were to vote who was the best to memorised  the dance (except for Jess) I would say Agueer because every time I look at her we both know the dance! We are going to do Hip Hop on Tuesdays for the next 6 weeks. I am going to be excited to memorise more Hip Hop dances!