Friday, 13 April 2018

Adverb poem

                    Sadly, our soldiers have died in the war
                    Sadly our soldiers decreased even more

                         Sadly the war still carries on

          Sadly our soldiers are harmful for what they've done
                    Sadly our world remains around death
                   Sadly a life ended with 1 single breath

Thursday, 12 April 2018

My adverb poem about soldiers

Sadly, countries friendships were torn.
Sadly, soldiers missed their new born.
Sadly, soldiers were missed.
Sadly, soldiers soon were dismissed.
Sadly, soldiers soon died.
Sadly, all the families cried.           

Our trip to the museum!

 Yesterday we went to the museum to see the ANZAC display. It was really fun seeing it because I could answer the questions that I was thinking in my mind.

My favourite part was seeing the names on the wall of all the soldiers that died in Auckland.  My favourite part of the wall was seeing the soldiers who sacrificed their lives for others freedom.

 When we got there we got to see all the Grenades, guns, bullets, and letters from the soldiers. There was the phone that you can press the buttons and you would hear all the voices of the soldiers.

There was a beautiful stain glass window that had all the colours you could imagine, it was kind of mind blowing! That was my trip to the museum.

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

My Poem

Today I memorised my poem called Sun Sonata. I memorised by saying each sentence 2 times. We also did some actions because we performed in front of our class. Our teacher said if we memorise our poem we get 5 points each for our house. I am in Whero. In my reading group there are 3 Whero's, 1 Kowhai and 1 Kikorangi.

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

My Story

I'm Paige a Cancer survivor, I had Cancer when I was 7 years old. I think now is the time I share my story. It was 5am in the morning, I was screaming so loud.  My parents rushed into my room, as they came in I was vomiting. My dad carried me in his arms with a blanket. My mum and my dad took me to the hospital as fast as they could.

Once we got to the hospital my dad called for help. I was so frighted that I didn't even know what was going on. The nurse that was working at the counter saw us so she said "I NEED HELP on level one. When the staff heard, they came rushing. I was put on a stretcher. My dad whispered into my ear saying ''Everything will be alright''.  I spent 4 hours in the cyber room. Once I woke up my parents were holding my hand hoping that I was okay.

The doctor said'' I'm sorry but Paige's Cancer problem has spread". I asked the doctor " Will I die or will I need surgery". He said'' You'll need surgery". A few days later we received a letter saying that my surgery will be tomorrow. I felt excited but also scared. I was thinking, if I died in surgery, who would tell my friends or who would tell my family?

It was the day of the surgery, and because of that my mum started crying. I felt so sorry, I thought in my mind that I was the one who was the problem. Soon the surgeon came in with his nurses and pulled my bed into the cyber room to get my surgery. To be continued.........

How To Get To Ruapotaka School

I am showing you how I get to Ruapotaka School because it is part of my routine in the morning.

  • Head South on Pt England Road toward Tippet Street.
  • Slight left to stay on Pilkington Road.
  • At the roundabout take the first exit onto Tripoli Road.
  • Turn right on to Hinaki.
  • Turn lift onto Torino Street.
  • Turn left onto Taratoa Street.
  • Now you are at your destination.                                                 

How To Get To A New Destination

  • Take 25 steps straight.
  • Now turn right.
  • Take 22 steps straight.
  • Turn right.
  • Take 23 steps straight.
  •  Now take another 25 steps straight.
  • Turn right.
  • Take 13 steps straight.
  • Turn left.
  • Take 12 steps straight.
  • Turn left.
  • Take 16 steps straight.
  • Now you have arrived to your destination!
I am showing you how to get to a new destination. I learned home to move different ways when I'm walking. I also learned that there are different ways to go instead of staying in the same spot!