Tuesday, 15 May 2018

What Maoris Were Then and Now!

Hip Hop With Jess!

Today we did Kiwi Sport, the kind of sport we did was Hip Hop dance. Our mentor/coach was Jess, she was awesome at showing us the moves! My favourite part about the whole dance was the last bit which was the Shoot/Hype.

If I were to vote who was the best to memorised  the dance (except for Jess) I would say Agueer because every time I look at her we both know the dance! We are going to do Hip Hop on Tuesdays for the next 6 weeks. I am going to be excited to memorise more Hip Hop dances!

Friday, 11 May 2018

Acrostic Poem About Space

S. sounds of planets orbiting the Sun.

P.  Planets changing every time.

A. Any planet can have different ways of orbiting.

C. Changing every-time.

E. Every planet has gravity.                      

What Kind Of Pools There Are!

There are a lot of pools in the world but some people
don't know how big they are. Some pools
are under ground or in a volcanoes. Hotel pools are
massive because it is built from metal. Some places in                 
the world there is a hotel with a swimming pools that is
clear that you can see the road all the way down. If I
swam in there I would be very scared because I might fall. Some people might be brave but I'm not!

From what I am typing right now I now know that
pools are more than what people expect!

How Strong Oobleck Really Is

Some people might not know what Oobleck is so let me tell you. Oobleck is a solid and a liquid because when you mould Oobleck it will stay solid for about 3 seconds and then turn liquid. You can make Oobleck using Cornflour and Water. It is great for science experiments so students can explain what Oobleck feels like to them. I went on YouTube to watch how strong Oobleck really is and let me tell you it is really strong. It looked really cool when the YouTube video showed it in slow-motion. They shot the Oobleck that was put in a balloon with a golf ball that put in a gun. Now that I told you what Oobleck is you can go and find out more about it!

My Group's Advertisement Of Road Safety!

                                                  Here is my group's advertisement!!!

Thursday, 10 May 2018

Our Advertisements and Posters

For the past 3 days my room have been working
on ad's and posters for road safety week. We got into groups
of 4 or 5 so that each group would have the same amount of students.
↖️My group were Madisyn, Winnie, Shaniqua and Kymani.
It was fun acting all the scenes that we made.
We also had Limiteti in our group but she has been away for the past week which is sad that she wasn't included.    The groups that did posters got to present their posters today but the advertisement groups did not get to introduce their ad because we running out of time. I don't have the ad in blog post but I'll have it in my next one!
In my group we all decided to do an ad because we all thought it would be fun acting!