Friday, 16 March 2018



                                There is a monster going
                                 When I saw it it had a 
                                     long white beak
                                It dances and prances,
                                      sings and rings
                                It even says your name
                                   if he's hard to tame!

What I think I Know About The Commonwealth Games

There are a lot of sports to play.
A lot of countries are going to be there.
In 2017 it was at Rio De Janeiro.
There are a lot of dancers and performers.
When they go to different countries they pass on this torch.
This year it will be at Gold Coast Australia.
                                       Who invented the Commonwealth Games?
                                       Why is it called Commonwealth Games?
                                       Why those it always change the location?
                                       Why is there a torch?
                                       When did it start?

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

How To Blow Up A Balloon With Yeast

Cause: I am showing you how to do it because it is a really fun experiment for students like me to do with your class or at home.
A teaspoon of Sugar
A bottle of water
A clear and clean plastic bottle
Pour the water into the clear plastic bottle.
Next cut up your packet of yeast and put
 it into
 your bottle.
Put the lid of the bottle onto the bottle and
Now take off the lid and add your sugar.
Put the lid back on and SHAKE the bottle again.
Now take off the lid and put on you balloon.
Put the bottle in a warm place for 20 minutes.


                                               I walk through the door 
                                   with a big ROAR
                               Mums eating breakfast
                                     but I just ignore
                                                 I looked in the pantry
                                 and guess what I saw
                                A really cute puppy 
                                  that I just adored 
                                  I closed my eyes
                               and my face was wet
                             I woke up from a dream
                          and it was not what it seemed

Monday, 12 March 2018

Prime Minister Visits Pacific Islands

Prime minister Jacinda Ardern is going to
visit the beautiful islands of Samoa, Niue,
Tonga and the Cook Islands. I think that every
village or island will have a wonderful welcoming
for our prime minister.

During her trip to Samoa she announced that
$3 million worth of extra funding has been committed to Samoa to help with the recovery of Cyclone Gita last month. She also said that $6.5 million will be donated and given out to every business in Samoa.

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Swimming Instructors!

When we started swimming with our instructors I was not excited but when we started swimming I still wasn't excited. When I was swimming on my back with the board I thought it was fun so I started enjoying it! My group has a instructor, and his name is  Davie. I learnt that the bigger you push your stomach up the more you can balance swimming on your back! 

Thursday, 22 February 2018

Kitchen Chemistry

Kitchen Chemistry

On Wednesday we did some science which was called kitchen chemistry. Our teacher Miss Misela took a video to see how we reacted when the lid EXPLODED! I learned that when the water was boiling the steam was pushing the lid to explode,so it means air or steam and heat is tougher than metal. The equipment you need are:
1 Milo tin
Cold water
A pressure cooker
This is our REACTION!