Monday, 23 July 2018

Reflections On Term 2 Goals

I achieved my writing goals because I have practised my Writing at school and some at home. I use better words for my Writing that are more interesting and more specific.

I kind of achieved my Maths goal because I learnt it but some of it I did not understand. I have measured a lot of things but hard measurement problems confuse me sometimes.

I achieved my Reading goal because when my reading group asks questions about the text we read I answer it.  I am good at answering and asking questions to group about the text we read.

Tuesday, 26 June 2018

What If?

                            What if you travelled into the sky
                           where birds and pigeons fly and fly
                            What if you danced on a big cloud
                           that had a Giant that was really loud
                           What if you were on the land of corn
                                 that had a unicorn with a horn
                                 What if your dream came true
                              and it had a butterfly named Blue!

                           What would you want to come true?
A. Going to school at night time.
B. Eating fast food any time you want for free.
C. Get to go to a theme park (Rainbow's End) for free.
D. Have P.E. at school any-time you want.
E. Or have World Hunger come to an end!


Thursday, 21 June 2018

Pretty Chubby Panda's Presentation

This report is about Pretty Chubby Panda's. Each paragraph is about it's life, skills how to survive and many other things. When you read this Panda report you might find out a lot about Turtle's. The reason why I picked this animal is because it is my favourite animal and it is super cute!

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Past and Present

This poster of Past and Present Maori land was created by Madisyn and I. I was supposed to post this on Friday but I was away. We created this poster in buddies like everyone else in our class. Our teacher Miss Misela told us that we were not allowed pictures with people in it. If you were to live in one of these worlds which one would it be? 
Would it be the Past or the Present?